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HTL Leonding

The Austrian college HTL Leonding uses Proxmox Virtual Environment to teach computer networking. About 450 students in 18 classes use the Proxmox VE cluster for their network technology exercises.


Odéon-Théâtre de l'Europe

The french Odéon-Théâtre wanted to simplify its server infrastructure and improve efficiency and scalability, while saving time on data center management.


Data Space

"The Proxmox software allowed our datacenter for fast and stable development."


Cyber-Complex Foundation

“Prior to switching to Proxmox VE, we were using VMware ESXi hypervisor to some extent. However, we opted for Proxmox VE because among other things, we support open-source initiatives. Proxmox VE works phenomenally and can handle even our most demanding requirements.”

IGNUM s.r.o.

IGNUM s.r.o.

"IGNUM is one of the most respected Czech domain registrars and server hosting providers. We strive to provide services at the highest level, and therefore we are implementing Proxmox VE - as a stable element of our infrastructure..."

Vying Technologies

Vying Technologies

“Proxmox VE is the best way to simplify your IT infrastructure and/or provide cloud.”



“We could significantly reduce our working hours. Proxmox VE virtualization provides high flexibility to all of our developers and engineers during development and testing. We currently instantiate many VMs to run a lot of tests to check new software functionalities, to support our customers, or to give access to a sandbox VM to test a new product...”


Egmont Højskolen

Egmont Højskolen is an inclusive folk high school in Denmark with about 120 employees and 220 students. To manage multiple servers and to provide service for IT equipment like PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones to its staff and students, the school moved from XenServer to Proxmox VE to simplify the IT infrastructure.

Kimenz Brazil uses Proxmox


"By using Proxmox VE we are able to provide an enterprise-grade high availability database to all public health facilities in Brazil."

logi.cals GmbH: Proxmox vereinheitlicht das DataCenter


"A mixture of hypervisors (Citrix XEN, KVM), bare-metal servers, and distributed storage was in use. A major goal was to replace the existing server landscape with modern, centralized, and flexible server and storage systems."



"As a professional web service provider, StorageBase offers its customers powerful KVM vServers based on Proxmox VE in conjunction with the First Colo data center..."



"Our two redundant storage sites in Salzburg and Vienna are 300 km (186 miles) apart and we needed a solution for VM migration and to manage the hardware in a single cluster. With the ZFS-based Proxmox VE storage replication framework we can now manage our hardware at both sites in a single cluster..."



“On our antarctic research station the  virtualization of several scientific instruments & station control systems increased redundancy and fail-over, and resulted in significant power reductions. The key to success was the integration of Proxmox VE & Ceph storage on a single physical server chassis...”



"Our cluster storage runs on Ceph which helped us to gain extremly great performance..."



"Through Proxmox VE, hardware maintenance and upgrade is easy and straightforward with effortless migration, avoiding down-time on any of our customers services.”



“Proxmox VE gives us the tools to manage our dynamic infrastructure easily. We can handle multi tenancy PoC infrastructures..."


Native Instruments

"We use a Proxmox VE cluster for our business-critical systems running at our six global locations. It helps us to gain efficient resource utilization combined with high availability and security for our diverse system and service landscape. With the professional Proxmox support service we even have more security for our production systems..."


Exa Networks

"Exa Networks uses Proxmox VE to manage its KVM and Ceph infrastructure which is used to power some of our customer facing services, ..."



"Proxmox VE has made it very easy for us to manage our production environments (consistent backups, migration, disaster recovery, firewalling) all with reduced investments in infrastructure."


Smiles On Demand

"A Ceph-backed highly available Proxmox VE cluster allows us to scale storage without any downtime..."



"Using the Proxmox technology we could design an offering for IP-based network helping our customers to process over 5000+ calls, 7000 emails and file sharing 1TB of data..."


Municipal Emergency Hospital in Córdoba, Argentina

"The Municipal Emergency Hospital of Cordoba implemented Proxmox VE to digitalize pre-medical imaging studies, and achieve independence of hardware..." 


Compination GmbH

"We run now a fully virtualized stack including firewalls, Routers, VPN-Gateways, and much more. Proxmox VE works and scales outstandingly well."


Open Source Osijek

"We see a lot of potential with Proxmox VE even for big companies here in our region. Our goal is to make enterprises aware that they can use a whole Proxmox VE cluster with up to 16 nodes in version 3.4 and up to 32 nodes in version 4.x."


Ethiopian Civil Service University

"With Proxmox VE we can now provide e-learning services easily to our students. We could improve the stability of our system and our data security."


Institut Supérieur d'ingénierie Informatique

"We needed a solution to allow more than 40 students to simultaneously access their VM pool and connect to a dedicated physical network."


Free Software Foundation Europe

"Proxmox VE turned out to provide exactly what we needed: High availability features, ease of use and proper integration of Ceph."


Digital Media Distribution AG

"One of the crucial parts of our multimedia services is high availability and this is exactly where Proxmox VE supports us."


Municipality of Trento

"We needed a secure, flexible and sustainable infrastructure that could fulfill actual and future IT requirements we had in Public Administration...."



"Hello, I'd like to say your system is the best we have seen and easiest to use. We now config 49 servers to Proxmox VE clustered and from what we have seen the performance is better than dedicated itself."



"Proxmox VE made it possible to simplify the management and deployment of server platforms and services for our IT infrastructure."


Valmiera City Council

"At the moment we have 12 physical servers running Proxmox VE with approximately 120 virtual servers. Proxmox provides an astonishing snapshot backup solution."


Alpha IT AS

"Currently we have over 50 virtual servers and about 600 virtual user PCs running, and Proxmox, simply put, enables me to handle my workload while easily keeping up with how our systems are doing."



"We are very happy with the cost-performance ratio and all the nice features of the Virtual Environment. Particularly, GlusterFS and SPICE are important new features which meet our needs."


Grupo Inversor Veracruzano S.A.P.I. de C.V. (GRIVER)

“We have found in Proxmox VE a robust and reliable platform that allows us to reuse our current infrastructure with minor investments in hardware and software licensing. We only had to increase the RAM memory and add a few more NIC cards to connect three clustered Proxmox servers to the iSCSI SAN."

Laut und Schoen

Laut und Schoen

"By implementing Proxmox VE our customer is now able to run old applications and operating systems on modern hardware."


IT-Services - Hamburg e.K.

"Last year we began to set up Proxmox VE for our customers. Since, we have been able to accomplish several successful migration tasks from VMware to Proxmox."


KMI Learning

"Starting in 2010 with only two nodes and a handful of virtual machines, we have since grown to 26 nodes and over 150 virtual machines."


Dynacom Tankers Management Ltd.

"The training Proxmox VE Advanced was a pleasant and productive experience, offering exactly what we were looking for, helping us to gain both theoretical and practical experience to get off the ground in designing our new data center based on Proxmox VE."


Serwise AG

Serwise AG combines Proxmox VE with IBM BladeCenter

“We use Proxmox VE in a BladeCenter/SAN environment (IBM/EMC) and it reveals real sensational performance and comfort values. On our IBM Flex System, Proxmox VE runs more stable than the virtualization solution offered by IBM.” 

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