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Kimenz Equipamentos Eireli is a team of professionals specializing in clinical engineering, and technical assistance for hospital and dental care with over 35 years of experience in repair, calibration of medical equipment, as well as laboratory and dental equipment.

“By using Proxmox VE with old hardware, we are able to provide an enterprise-grade high availability database to all public health facilities in Brazil," explains Marcos Méndez from Kimenz Equipamentos.

"We provide reliable and affordable services for the management and development of clinical engineering solutions for hardware health monitoring and analyzing medical assets and facilities.”

“Kimenz offers technical assistance services to the Brazilian state. Basically, we repair and maintain medical, hospital, laboratory, and dental equipment. In Brazil, 76% of health care services are provided through government agencies, like for example the state government of São Paulo. They have a contract for managing clinical engineering and operate the emergency room equipment and health facilities. More than 2000 of those units are served by Kimenz Equipamentos. Our clients have real-time monitoring of the calls for repair and maintenance of their essential equipment for health and life maintenance.”

“In the beginning, we mainly wanted to re-use old but very reliable hardware and build a structure that had a low initial cost but could later scale quickly. Since I have been working with Proxmox VE for the last three years, I’ve decided to implement a data center infrastructure.

"Now we have setup a data center that is highly reliable, has no downtime, and never stops - like public health is ought not to ever stop.”

“Our infrastructure is constantly evolving and more and more we are developing integrations for IoT infrastructure and other technologies that are directly integrated with Proxmox managed machines.”

“It is a pleasure to be able to help the Proxmox community and above all to know that Kimenz together with a partner like Proxmox has a real impact on the health of the Brazilian citizens. For us such a system is only possible thanks to open source technologies. Congratulations to all the Proxmox members and community. It’s a pleasure to know how important we are together.”

Marcos Méndez
IT departement, Kimenz Equipamentos Eireli


Sao Paulo