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Institut Supérieur d'ingénierie Informatique

ISITECH is an IT school based in Lyon, France. The school provides IT courses teaching system administration, networking, security and project management since 2007. ISITECH is forming the IT specialists of tomorrow, thanks to the suitability of trade oriented training cycles (IT certifications), working experience and by coaching their students. For their laboratory they needed a flexible and reliable virtualization solution and implemented Proxmox VE.

Simoultaneous access for more than 40 students

„Proxmox VE has extensive functionality, flexibility, and performance - characteristics we think really correspond to today’s infrastructure needs," says Cédric Patissier, IT Consultant at ISITECH. "Our main challenge at ISITECH was to manage that more than 40 students have simultaneous access to their VM pool and could connect to a dedicated physical network."

"For us the greatest strength of Proxmox VE is its flexibility - whether in user management or in advanced network management. Also its flexibility to integrate easily on standard equipment available on the market." - Cédric Patissier

Open-source and container-based virtualization

"The fact that Proxmox VE has an open-source license is one of the reasons why we have chosen this virtualization solution – we have the possibility to adjust it with our own developments. Prior to deciding on Proxmox VE we have conducted a dedicated study in which we evaluated a couple of products in search of the one product allowing us to optimize schedule and costs. In the end, Proxmox's integration of container-based virtualization with OpenVZ did convince us – it is the best value for money we could find."


"Having tested the product against other alternative virtualization solutions, we can definitely confirm that Proxmox VE is a stable solution. For me, Proxmox ranges in the top 3 hypervisors of the moment available in the market."

"On top, the solution also has been extremely well received by our team and students. We immediately have gained operational simplicity of services and an exciting performance."

"With Proxmox VE there is everything we need – it is one of the best solutions in the market.“

Cédric Patissier
IT Consultant, ISITECH