Virtual Appliance

Install Proxmox Mail Gateway as a virtual appliance. A virtual appliance is a fully pre-installed and pre-configured application and operating system environment that runs on an isolated environment known as virtual machine. Proxmox Mail Gateway is tested and validated for all major virtualization technologies. This simplifies installation and maintenance and enables fast deployment.

Supported vitualization platforms:

  • Proxmox VE
  • Vmware vSphere™
  • Hyper-V™
  • KVM
  • Virtual box™
  • Citrix XenServer™
  • Container (e.g. LXC)
  • ...and other solutions supporting Debian Linux as guest OS

Install Proxmox Mail Gateway on Proxmox VE - Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM)

You can setup and maintain Proxmox Mail Gateway fast and easily on KVM. KVM virtualization is integrated into Proxmox VE. Learn more about KVM and Proxmox VE

VMware™ products and Proxmox Mail Gateway

Proxmox Mail Gateway runs pefectly on VMware™ vSphere.

Support statement for VMware installations:
Proxmox will provide support for Proxmox Mail Gateway running in a VMware virtual environment in an identical manner as with Proxmox Mail Gateway running on any other major x86 based systems without initially requiring reproduction of issues on native hardware. Should Proxmox suspect that the virtualization layer is the root cause of an incident; the customer will be required to contact the appropriate VMware support provider to resolve the VMware issue. While Proxmox products are expected to function properly in a VMware virtual environment, there may be performance implications which can invalidate Proxmox typical sizing and recommendations.

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