When running Proxmox Backup Server in a production environment, you will need high quality server equipment to ensure that your backed up data is safe.

Recommended Hardware

For a production setup, we recommend dedicated hardware. This is especially important for critical tasks like backups where many hosts/VMs/containers save their critical data.

See Recommended Server Systems Requirements

For Evaluation

The minimum requirements for evaluation purposes should never be used in production.

See Minimum Server Requirements, for Evaluation

Supported web browsers for accessing the web interface

To access the web-based user interface of the Proxmox Backup server, you need one of the following browsers:

  • Firefox, a release from the current year, or the latest Extended Support Release
  • Chrome, a release from the current year
  • Microsoft’s currently supported version of Edge
  • Safari, a release from the current year

Install Proxmox Backup Server on a Debian System

If you want, you can install Proxmox on top of a running Debian 64-bit system. This is especially interesting, if you want to have a custom partition layout.

Read how to install Proxmox Backup Server on a Debian System