Become a partner

  • About the program

    By joining the Proxmox Partner Program, our partners can officially resell Proxmox products and services and expand their portfolios. The Proxmox partner network enables enterprise customers access to the help and support they need to make the most of Proxmox products in their business.

    Partner benefits:

    • Attractive discounts on Proxmox products
    • "Not For Resale" (NFR) copy of Proxmox Mail Gateway * 
    • Listing in partner directory on Proxmox website with direct link to partner website
    • Acces to technical ressources and information
    • Email support

    Join a Proxmox partner program and get all advantages, contact us at

    * NFR Proxmox Mail Gateway: The NFR copy of Proxmox Mail Gateway enables resellers to learn by the experience of using Proxmox in their own network. Note: It is not allowed to use NFR licenses to offer hosted email filter services to customers.

  • Partner Requirements

    The Proxmox Partner Program has been designed to encourage a close working partnership with our partners.

    How it works:

    • Partners sell, install and configure Proxmox products & services for end users
    • Provide first and second level customer support
    • Create the sales and support infrastructure to ensure quality service for Proxmox customers
    • Promote Proxmox on your website (with a direct link to Proxmox).
    • For NFR license (Proxmox Mail Gateway): yearly partner fee of € 200 *

    * NFR license for Proxmox Mail Gateway: If you sell more than 5 licenses for Proxmox Mail Gateway the first year no fee will be charged the next year, the same for the following years.

    Support examples:
    First level support: e.g. answer installation and configuration questions, normal operational issues
    Second level support: e.g. routine fault diagnosis due to wrong configuration, compatibility issues etc. - in these cases Proxmox will help partners.

  • Become partner now

    The application procedure:

    • Apply to the program via email
    • Proxmox evaluates your company profile and technical skills
    • If evaluation accepted, you will receive the Partner Agreement - the legal contract between your company and Proxmox
    • Read, understand and sign Partner Agreement and return it to Proxmox
    • Proxmox co-signs Partner Agreement and returns a copy

    To register, please contact us at