Proxmox Backup Server 2.4 ISO Installer (BitTorrent)

  • Last update: 29 March 2023
  • File size: 32.29 KB
  • Version: 2.4-1

SHA256SUMS for the ISO:


Release notes

29. March 2023: Proxmox Backup Server 2.4 ISO Installer (1st ISO release)
29. November 2022: Proxmox Backup Server 2.3 ISO Installer (1st ISO release)
18. May 2022: Proxmox Backup Server 2.2 ISO Installer (1st ISO release)
23. November 2021: Proxmox Backup Server 2.1 ISO Installer (1st ISO release)
13. July 2021: Proxmox Backup Server 2.0 ISO Installer (1st ISO release)
15. April 2021: Proxmox Backup Server 1.1 ISO Installer (1st ISO release)
11. November 2020: Proxmox Backup Server 1.0 ISO Installer (1st ISO release)
5. October 2020: Proxmox Backup Server beta ISO Installer (2nd ISO release)
10. July 2020: Proxmox Backup Server beta ISO Installer (1st ISO release)

Note: Please always update a new ISO install to the latest available packages via GUI updater or via CLI (apt update && apt  dist-upgrade)

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