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University of Macau scans emails with Proxmox Mail Gateway

At University of Macau around 50k emails are scanned per day on average with Proxmox Mail Gateway. It is used internally for scanning outbound emails: All outgoing emails are first routed to Proxmox Mail Gateway, where they are checked and either relayed or blocked.

“Inbound scanning is currently done with another enterprise-grade mail gateway,” says Queenie Leong, assistant Information Technology technician at University Macau. “The greatest advantages of Proxmox Mail Gateway are its user-friendly interface and good user experience. We have a lot of reports and necessary statistics available and can quickly get an overview. The clustering functionality improves the mail gateway availability. What we also like is that the Mail Gateway has integrated anti-spam and anti-virus for enhanced email security. So, all in all, it is quick to set up and easy to manage."

3 VMs in a cluster

“Implementing Proxmox Mail Gateway is very straight-forward as it provides an image that can be deployed as a VM. We installed three VMs as a cluster, each with 8 vCPUs and 8GB RAM.”

“The University of Macau (UM) is an international, comprehensive university. Since its establishment in 1981, UM has been dedicated to providing a multifaceted education, through our educational model and residential college system, and in accordance with the university motto: Humanity, Integrity, Propriety, Wisdom and Sincerity.”

From Postfix and PolicyD to Proxmox

“Before starting to use Proxmox Mail Gateway, we had been using Postfix and Policyd as our internal email gateway. We found several introductory blog articles on deploying Proxmox Mail Gateway, and so we thought that it could also be applied in our University.”

“At the beginning, we had some concerns about the requisites and the limit on the number of policies. We were not sure if it could fully replace our previous solution, which is based on PolicyD. We have a regular staff of about 1,600 and each morning the University sends a bulletin to the staff members and students—so email throughput needed to be tested.”

“After some testing and checking, we found that the Mail Gateway platform fulfilled all our requirements and is also regularly updated. As it is an open-source project, we could fully test the platform and deployment before putting it into production. This finally convinced us to choose Proxmox Mail Gateway.”

Great filtering rules

“Our absolute favorite feature in Proxmox Mail Gateway is the rule-based mail filter, where you combine objects (sender, recipient, email, etc.) into a filtering rule. It is very easy to configure and very flexible.”

Queenie Leong
Assistant Information Technology Technician, University of Macau


Taipa, Macau