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Textkernel uses Proxmox VE

Textkernel is a leading AI-powered technology provider in the staffing, corporate HR and HR Technology industry. Their customers range from global staffing agencies to fortune 500 companies and leading HR technology providers. Textkernel solutions focus on recruitment and talent management automation and data enhancement to connect people and jobs better.

“Back in 2018 we serviced all of our European customers out of a single datacenter rack”, says Max Vernimmen, Infrastructure technical lead at Textkernel.

Application-level redundancy

“We faced challenges with accelerating growth and increasing demands for higher uptimes. At that time, we relied on KVM with local storage and lacked application-level redundancy across most of our applications and databases. The absence of redundancy meant that a single server failure could lead to system disruptions, rendering our infrastructure fragile.”

Proxmox Virtual Environment has become the backbone of our operations.
Max Vernimmen, Textkernel

“In my role as the technical lead for infrastructure at Textkernel, I guide the implementation process, remove roadblocks for fellow engineers, and intervene to address complexities."

"Proxmox Virtual Environment has become an integral part of my daily work, helping to manage and maintain the Textkernel infrastructure.”

High Availability and seamless expansions

“The decision to explore Proxmox VE was prompted by the fragility of our infrastructure. The high-availability features proved instrumental, enabling us to vacate machines for planned maintenance or swiftly restart applications on alternative nodes in the event of server failures.”

“This significantly enhanced our overall availability. Starting with version 5.2, Proxmox performed remarkably well, allowing us to expand our infrastructure across multiple racks in various datacenter locations."

"Each of these expansions operated seamlessly on Proxmox VE, supported by dedicated Ceph servers for storage. Subsequent upgrades to newer Proxmox VE versions went smoothly, and to date, we have not encountered the need to reinstall any Proxmox servers during these updates.”

“In essence, Proxmox Virtual Environment has become the backbone of our operations, facilitating the robust and scalable foundation upon which we run our business.”

Max Vernimmen
Infrastructure technical lead