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As a professional web service provider, StorageBase offers its customers in conjunction with the business data center operator First Colo GmbH powerful KVM vServers based on Proxmox VE.

The company has received several awards in the area of availability and its core competencies are in monitoring, scalability and support. StorageBase is strengthening its market position in the hosting business in the German-speaking area and is working on constantly improving its day-to-day business.

Solution-oriented approach with Proxmox VE

As a timely and highly specialised IT service provider with the claim to enhance its own services continuously, StorageBase sees itself constantly challenged in the fast moving IT market. Today’s customers, especially those in the storage business, are demanding state-of-the-art server environments, as well as the right certifications.

Although, StorageBase was able to create the optimum conditions for efficient daily operations right from the start, the managers of StorageBase had increasingly growing demands of themselves in order to meet the individual needs of their customers even better.

“At this point, Proxmox VE came into play,” says Julian Weiler, technical director at StorageBase. “As an open-source virtualization solution Proxmox VE combines KVM and container-based virtualization on a single platform, and manages all relevant functions through the integrated, centralized management interface, providing great flexibility. Especially Linux containers are considered a strong alternative to fully virtualized VMs. Existing resources are optimally exploited on the basis of many professional functions, which greatly reduces operating costs.”

“In search of the right solution, we discovered the offering of the First Colo data center at the same time as Proxmox VE. First Colo is a Proxmox hosting partner and was able to provide us with a high-performance Proxmox cluster connected to the Ceph Storage. This way we could benefit from strong cost advantages over other providers of equivalent products”, says Julian Weiler.

"In addition, as an open source solution Proxmox VE is highly reliable while also providing us with the highest level of flexibility by combining KVM and Linux containers on a single platform. Last but not least, the virtualized environment is very powerful and truly convincing due to its high availability."

Full service for the Ceph Storage

“We also chose First Colo because it allows us to provide our customers with a very performant and highly secure environment by using Ceph storage. In addition, the communication was excellent from the start, and the provided service was extremely professional at all times. Another deciding factor was the offered lease-purchase option for the servers we ordered. This gave us a great advantage in terms of cost optimization, as we were able to focus on our core business immediately and without considerable investment, while at the same time providing our customers with the best possible hardware. In addition, First Colo itself carries out all the maintenance tasks on Ceph. With this service, they made a critical part of our work easier from the very start.”


“We will continue to expand our service offering in the future in order to be able to provide a sustainable and steadily growing business environment to our customers. StorageBase continues its solution-oriented and reliable work. Thus, our customers can be confident that they will get the best possible starting position choosing StorageBase as their web service provider.”

Julian Weiler
CTO, StorageBase

About StorageBase
StorageBase is a professional web service provider. Next to crucial infrastructures for operations, the company offers its customers highly performant products in the areas of web, game and voice server hosting ever since April of 2009. StorageBase prefers resource-efficient Eco data centers. With flexible service bundles, attractive pricing, and good support, StorageBase eases the work for its hosting customers.

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