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IT-Services - Hamburg e.K.

IT-Services Hamburg e.K. is a small IT service company in Hamburg, Germany providing full IT services to small and medium-sized enterprises. Since their start in 1999, the company did set up plenty of networks for their customers, and their everyday tasks include mainly remote-services and helpdesk support via phone, TeamViewer, SSH and Remote Desktop (RDP). IT-Services Hamburg works closely with Fujitsu as their main hardware provider.

“We first spotted Proxmox VE back in 2008 when we were at the development department of one of our customers,” says Joerg Hanebuth, CEO of IT-Services Hamburg, a small IT service provider in Germany.

"They create mobile and console MMORPG-games and have a huge amount of development servers. Since then we kept an eye on Proxmox VE and after a few month we decided to test it on an old Fujitsu 4C Xeon, with 16GB RAM and three 146GB SAS-disks."

"Honestly, we were surprised by its performance and intuitive GUI." - Joerg Hanebuth

"Proxmox VE seemed to us to be a simple way to manage data centers, so we started testing clustering and all the other features. We also tested a lot of failure scenarios like power fails, network fails, and damaged configurations and so on. We produced some really hard crashes but we never have lost even one byte of data!"

"In 2010 we started replacing VMware in our own data center because of its weird and overpriced licenses. Proxmox VE runs on a RX300 cluster with a small storage device and we like the fact that we don’t have to care much about it."

"Last year we began to set up Proxmox VE for our customers. Since, we have been able to accomplish several successful migration tasks from VMware to Proxmox VE."

"We are happy to have found Proxmox VE. For us, it has been a very performant, high reliable virtualization solution over the past 4 years and we are happy to pay our small fee to keep it going.”

Joerg Hanebuth
Founder & CEO at IT-Services, Hamburg e.K.