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Cyber-Complex Foundation

Cyber-Complex Foundation works in the area of modern and innovative technologies carrying out research and experimental projects as well as demanding big data solutions. To do all this, they needed an advanced virtualization environment including containers along with the ability to dynamically manage the entire infrastructure.

Proxmox VE combines computing resources

“Proxmox VE has proven to be the ideal solution for our purposes and perfectly combines our centralized computing resources, of which we have many. We use Proxmox VE on a cluster built with 8 physical servers. This has greatly improved the management and automation of our relatively large virtualization and container environment.”

“We also use our infrastructure for demanding big data solutions, and in this aspect Proxmox VE is also a great base for deployment.” - Lukasz Swierczewski

Advanced analyses

“Our main project at Cyber-Complex Foundation is called iThena and uses capabilities of the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) platform. BOINC gives us the possibility to perform advanced analyses on computers of thousands of Internet users. Those analyses serve us to build models of the data flow in the global network.”

“One of the results of the iThena project is, that we get information about the optimality of data transfer routes. Based on this data we can build, for example, rankings of the best ISP (Internet Service Provider) helping users to decide which offering will meet their expectations best. We perform advanced analytics of network traffic routing which can show errors in the global network BGP (routing protocol) configuration. These in return can point to threats like IP Hijacking, where attackers try to gain access to sensitive metadata.”

Proxmox virtualization solution with many benefits

“For us at Cyber-Complex, a foundation officially registered in Europe/Poland, Proxmox VE is the best server virtualization solution because it brings many benefits to us:

  • Free and open-source solution including phenomenal low-cost and scalable support options;
  • Easy and centralized management;
  • Easy and reliable updates and upgrades;
  • Fast and easy deployment of virtual machines, and especially Linux containers;
  • Very easy backup/restore procedures.”

“Prior to switching to Proxmox VE, we were using VMware ESXi hypervisor to some extent. However, we opted for Proxmox VE because among other things, we support open-source initiatives. Proxmox VE works phenomenally!”

“We can fully recommend Proxmox VE as a great virtualization environment, that can handle even our most demanding requirements.”

Lukasz Swierczewski
Chairman of the Board, Co-Founder, Cyber-Complex Foundation (NPO)