Proxmox Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary


From a self-funded open-source startup to a worldwide tech business

Vienna (Austria) – April 29, 2015 – Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH today is celebrating its 10th birthday. Started in 2005 as a self-funded open source startup, Proxmox has already grown into an internationally successful tech business delivering secure and easy-to-use open source software for virtualization and email server protection. The customers in 140 countries are businesses of varying sizes and industries as well as universities, NGOs and private users. Proxmox Virtual Environment, a complete open source server virtualization management solution, has become an alternative to virtualization products like VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Oracle VM or Citrix XenServer.

The company Proxmox Server Solutions has been established in 2005. Exactly ten years ago today, the co-founders Martin Maurer and Dietmar Maurer released Proxmox Mail Gateway, a security software to protect email servers from spam, viruses, trojans and phishing attacks. Three years later, in April 2008 the company published the open source virtualization platform Proxmox Virtual Environment (VE), a complete server virtualization management solution combining container-based virtualization and KVM hypervisor on one web-based management interface.

Over the past decade Proxmox Server Solutions evolved from an open source startup to an internationally established company. “We are thankful to all our users, developers, customers and partners who have helped make Proxmox the success story it is today,” says Proxmox CEO Martin Maurer. “It's been very rewarding to get feedback from our community every day over the past ten years. Our goal was to create efficient and easy-to-manage Linux software products. We wanted our users to be able to build secure, stable and scalable IT environments, and I’m proud that our goal came to fruition. We’ll continue this way and shortly we’ll publish Proxmox VE 4.0 (beta) with great new features.”

More than 73.000 server hosts worldwide use Proxmox VE. In the last decade the Proxmox Mail Gateway has filtered over a billion of emails protecting customers from spam, viruses, phishing and trojans.

10 Proxmox Milestones

  • February 2005: Martin and Dietmar Maurer establish Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH in Vienna.
  • April 29, 2005: Proxmox Mail Gateway is released in version 1.0.
  • May 2005: The public community forum goes online and welcomes the first members – today there are over 26.000 members
  • 2007: Major release Proxmox Mail Gateway 2.0 with container-virtualization with Virtuozzo™ and with support for OpenVZ.
  • 2008: Proxmox Virtual Environment (VE) is released in version 0.9. In October the first stable version 1.0 is released.
  • March 2012: Major release Proxmox VE 2.0 with high availability based on Red Hat Cluster and Corosync. First commercial support services are rolled out.
  • July 2012: Proxmox Mail Gateway 3.0 with integration of Commtouch/Cyrens anti-spam and antivirus solution
  • 2013: Proxmox VE 3.0 with VM templates and clone. Proxmox VE training program is rolled out.
  • 2014: Proxmox joins the Linux Foundation. Proxmox VE in version 3.2 and 3.3 brings SPICE and spiceterm, Ceph server integration, Open vSwitch and HTML5-console, Proxmox VE Firewall, two-factor-authentication, ZFS storage plugin and Proxmox VE Mobile.
  • 2015: Proxmox Mail Gateway in version 4.0 is released in January. In February Proxmox VE 3.4 brings full ZFS support. Proxmox is ten years old.

About Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH
Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH is an open source software provider dedicated to develop powerful and efficient server solutions. With its two core products – Proxmox Virtual Environment (Proxmox VE) and Proxmox Mail Gateway – the company offers flexible, affordable and easy-to-use software for businesses implementing secure and open-source IT infrastructures. Proxmox solutions are widely used in businesses regardless of size, sector or industry as well as in NGOs and in the educational sector. The company also offers services like commercial subscriptions and trainings. A worldwide partner network and a huge active community guarantee business continuity for Proxmox users. Proxmox is an active member of the Linux Foundation and the Open Virtualization Alliance. Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH is an independent and profitable company based in Vienna, Austria.

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