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What/Who is Proxmox?

  • Proxmox is a developer of open-source server solutions for the enterprise
  • Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH is our registered company name
  • Proxmox products/platforms are: Proxmox Mail Gateway | Proxmox Virtual Environment | Proxmox Backup Server |  Proxmox Offline Mirror
  • Founded in February 2005
  • The founders of Proxmox are Martin Maurer and Dietmar Maurer
  • HQ in Vienna (Austria)
  • Contact us

Brand Resources & Logos

Proxmox company logo

Please do not change or modify the logo. Read the guidelines below for the use of our logo. Always link the logo to For more information regarding the authorized uses, please contact us.

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  • Use the permitted Proxmox logo above to link to Proxmox.
  • Use the Proxmox logo in a blog post or news article about Proxmox products.
  • Use the permitted Proxmox logo less prominently than your own logo, corporate logo, or product name.
  • "Proxmox" is the only correct way in how to write the Proxmox name. Neither ProxMox nor proXmoX.


  • Don't use the Proxmox logo as a representation for your app's icon, your website, service, or your company.
  • Don't alter the logo or incorporate the logo or symbol into your logo.
  • Don't rearrange the Proxmox logo and symbol.
  • Do not use the Proxmox logo in a way that is misleading.
  • If unsure, don't use any Proxmox artwork without prior written permission.

Our brand guideline

Our brand guideline is here to help you to use the Proxmox brand design consistently - whether online or in print material. The guideline explains how to use the visual design like the Proxmox logo, the name, the colors and fonts.

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Feel free to use the screenshots below. Please credit Proxmox in your use.

Proxmox Virtual Environment 8.2 - Cluster Summary
Proxmox Virtual Environment 8.2 - VMware ESXi Guest import
Proxmox Virtual Environment 8.2 - Advanced Backup Settings with Fleecing
Proxmox Backup Server 3.2 - Dashboard
Proxmox Mail Gateway 8.1 - Package versions
Proxmox Mail Gateway 8.1 - "match-if" mode



Proxmox® is a registered trademark of Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH in the EU, the U.S., and other countries.

Please follow the most essential rules for proper trademark use: (1) A trademark is an adjective. It is not a verb. It is not a noun. (2) The purpose of a trademark is to identify the source or origin of a product or service, it's a “badge of origin”; it is not to identify the product or service itself. (3) Please note that trademarks are not authorized for use in domain names (URL), product/app names, or company names. Avoid naming your projects anything that implies an endorsement of Proxmox if you don't have any. For example, don't call your new app "Proxmox XY App". Instead consider "XY App for Proxmox Virtual Environment".

The Proxmox logo represents only Proxmox and should not be used to represent you or your company, apps or products, domain, or projects. In short: If you are unsure if you are allowed to use any of our registered trademarks, copyrights, or content of this website, consult your trademark attorney and/or contact Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH for express written permission.



Yes. The full corporation name is Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH and it is headquartered in Vienna, Austria with employees located in Austria and Europe.
Proxmox is one word with a lower-case -m. No camel case.