Proxmox Mail Gateway 5.2 ISO Installer

  • Last update: 26 March 2019
  • File size: 755.72 MB
  • Version: 5.2-1
  • License: Proxmox

SHA256SUMS for the ISO:


Release Notes

20.03.2019: Proxmox Mail Gateway 5.2 (ISO release 1)

  • Mobile Quarantine Interface
    * based on the small and modern framework7
    * Deliver/Delete/Whitelist/Blacklist mails in your Quarantine from your mobile device
  • Improvements in the LDAP integration
    * allow the use of FQDNs instead of IPs in the WebUI
    * add support for certificate verification (and enable it for new deployments)
    * add support for LDAP+starttls
  • PMG-Appliance template
    * Install PMG as a (unprivileged) Linux Container (e.g. in PVE)
    * Introduces the new 'proxmox-mailgateway-container' metapackage, which does not depend on a kernel, and results in a vastly reduced size (and fewer updates)
  • Improvements in Logging
    * pmg-smtp-filter now logs each SA-Rules score in addition to the rule names - simplifying the analysis of the spam filter's performance without the need to access the mail's source
  • Improvements in the WebUI's TLS configuration
  • pmgproxy can now be configured via '/etc/default/pmgproxy' to disable/enable certain ciphers, compression, cipher selection preference.
  • new command: `pmg-system-report`
    * Provides a overview of key characteristics of PMG's setup and performance
    * Improves the initial diagnosis for our Enterprise support
  • .eml download from the (non-mobile) Quarantine Interface
    * Lets you download the complete source of a quarantined message in .eml format for further analysis
  • Add support for custom checks
    * Enable users to integrate their own custom check logic by providing a defined interface, which can optionally be enabled, and runs a custom check before the mail gets handed to the virus scanner and rule system.
  • Improvements of Blacklist/Whitelist handling in the Quarantine Interface
    * multiselect for removing multiple entries at once
  • proxmox-spamassassin
    * Update the shipped rulesets
  • PMG-Cluster: full IPv6 support
  • ISO works on Citrix XenServer
  • Documentation available via
  • Bugfixes

Note: Please always update a new ISO install to the latest available packages via GUI updater or via CLI (apt update && apt dist-upgrade)

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